Thursday, August 16, 2018

Poor Weather

I feel sorry for the weather. God created the Earth and it is the weather, and only the weather, that we have life on this gorgeous planet. And the whole living and nonliving world glory in each day that the Sun rises and puts on the panorama of weather for us so that we can go about on our prowls. All except the human race. The one race that the creator bestowed the duty to praise and be grateful, begin the day by admonishing the weather. Shame on ye who learnt that dirty habit and double shame for teaching it to the next generation. Ancient civilisations would awaken to worship the weather and this civilization awakens to choke it with criticism. That's sickening the world day in day out. No wonder no one today cares what we do to our climate. And look what that's done for us.
March 26th, 2018


Each and every human being is born with a Quest - our Quest makes us get up and step up and do something that needs attention, creates conversation, begins understanding, fastens a gaze, awakens the diaspora, digs into beliefs, evaporates fear, nudges the assumption, deepens connection, draws blood, makes tears frightens the status quo, shakes us into laughter, brings hope, shrug obstacles, instigate folklore, lights the world and changes everything!
April 18th, 2018

Framed picture

When the frame is broken, some things just remain the way they are. Sometimes the frame you pay most attention to is just aesthetic, and that's when what's inside is so able to hold your entire picture together.
May 2nd, 2018

Breathing in by the moment

Finding the joy in my own moments, resting in my own company. In nature. Just breathing.
Tasnim Jivaji
July 24th, 2018

Intact me

It's about wanting my attention and how much of me I'm willing to give away.
Tasnim Jivaji
July 25th, 2018

Enough! Don't send any more clowns

I'm afraid we don't stand up enough. I'm afraid we don't say anything, because we are strapped with fear. I'm afraid that a horrible holocaust is happening again and we are oblivious. We are inactive with boredom, even. "Oh!  Please", I heard her say, "I can't endure another word more of the so called war in Arabia. It's ridiculous!" It's ridiculous until it's your family that's the walking dead.  And dearly beloved we are not gathered here today to witness what's happening in full view in the Lands we call Holy. We are on our smartphones not smarted by the heinous for we are blinded, a generation on a timeline suspended in our moronic views, and we will look like deer in the headlights to our grandchildren. So please, please someone don't send in any more Clowns, send us a Prophet.
Tasnim Jivaji
June 21st, 2018

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hey Squirrel! Get Your Lizard Brain To Eat That Frog!

If you want to be an achiever, your best and most valuable stake in achieving what you need is to ask for help. But be careful about what kind of help you ask for, though. Asking for help essentially means getting over obstacles, or unbinding yourself out of a rut, or finding your way out of a maze.

So take a moment to sit still and look at the panorama of what you are trying to achieve and look for the places that make you feel doubt, uncertain or scared. That is where you need help.

Most of us deny the power we have within us. And when we ask for help, we want to give our magical quest over to someone else to map out for us. And you know what, these are people - just like you are - and they have their own magic to live up to. They will use their cookie cutter to mould your quest and send you on your way. What will happen next is that you will suddenly not find your heart in the project and you will flounder. Your enthusiasm will fizz out as if your project was made up of Coca Cola and then feel flat and unpalatable.

There are gurus you will encounter who will guide you towards your goals. And there are those whom I hear speaking about how our Lizard brains (which is a primitive part of our brains that saved our lives) will find all sorts of ways to avoid the things that we do not like to do, and so our squirrels (which is our lust for distractions) will fall into traps that will keep us from staying on task, so; to get our dreams to come to fruition we must eat the ugly frogs;which are the boring or frightening, or daunting tasks so that we will get to achieve our goals. No, all you need is to find someone to help you with doing those tasks that you are not good at. Someone who will actually want to do the task because they are passionate about that, and that person will  find it unbelievable that you got them to do these things that make them so happy!

Happy! That is the place you want to live in when you are crafting your dreams. What makes you excited about your dream? Why is it not already a dream come true? What makes you procrastinate on getting out of your head and stepping into your body and get things moving? What is that first task that you need to do that will begin the process? What do you need to get that first step going? Do not say Money or Knowledge or Time. Because those are limiting beliefs. I bet you that Money is not the first thing you need in that starting step to get this going. Knowledge - if you dreamed this up, then it is you that has been designated by all the forces on this earth to do this thing, you have the knowledge to do this already - and if you need help, then ask for it!  But do not sit there lying to yourself that you do not know how. There is a scientist out there waiting for your call. Get out of your head and walk into your body so that your fingers can dial the number. Time? You do not have time for your dreams? Well, what do you know about your deadline? So you know when that day is coming when you will be here no more - and then Boom! your dreams will be gone - feeding the earth. No, my friend, feed the Earth with your magical dream now!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Oh Monday!

People wake up everyday to ask about the meaning of life and for the reason they were born. Why is it that Man is different from all other lifeforms? Animals might ask, "What's it like to be born just like everyone else, but to have a higher purpose than just to be food, like those Humans?" Here's a great answer to an everyday question.

For this is the journey that men make: to find themselves. If they fail to do this, it doesn’t matter much what else they find.
—James Michener

So what is it about the beginning of the day that spurs you into asking such a heavy question? It's because at that time while your body awakens there's that someone inside you that's hoping to be woken up too. It takes a disaster to jolt a person living in momentum to pay attention to one's core. Be impatient, just respond when you're asked whether this is the life you want to live.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Flabbergasted? That is how you feel, America? You know the saying, 'everything has a reason'? This is the one time to believe this. You know why, America? Because the woman who had to come to power needed to know the real truth of the pudding. The truth of the pudding is in the eating? She needed to see the grandiose facade lifted and view the reality openly, because it is hidden in cyber bullying, hidden in the blood that is shed in your schools, hidden in your houses, hidden on the social dinner table and hidden in the most unquestionable people. How else would a woman govern this place with all these dark corners and blind spots?

Clinton is a woman who swam among these comrades, and her persona gave off that air of 'I know this mess that men created. I know what this country needs because I have done this long enough and I know, like no one else knows'. We all fell for that, didn't we? In hindsight, America, the woman who was to come to power was supposed to know this, because intuition is a Leadership gift that women own.

Leadership, is now not in the White House, you say? And you are right! Because Leadership has moved addresses, and it is now living in your house.  So if you want to meet your Leader, you must look at the man in the mirror, and this is precisely where your Leadership was heading, and where it should be. So do not panic, nothing drastic has happened, because this is how it had to be. As if you did not know this when they started feeding you tainted meat in your burgers, or when a lifestyle of growing your own vegetables and having a chicken laying you eggs became a taboo for your home, and now you eat food that is carcinogen and chicken farms are concentration camps, and when the water in your streams became non potable.|As if you did not know this when they sent your children to hell and then shunned them on their return, instead of decorating every Veteran with a life worth living, or when the school-going children never learned to play equally in fun, and who made these angry teenagers who are interested only in their phones, and when they made the only place God's name acceptable is the word on your currency and nowhere else. Oh! and as if you did not know this when you see no hue and cry about huge pay-cheques for an entitled few, or when Americans die just because the greatest country in the world has no medical aid for her own people.

Now you, you have to be purely present with whoever you next to right now, no matter how much of a stranger they are. You must now be unconditionally compassionate, as you are with your own children. Live the village-like way and construct your moments with these 'Four Agreements' so that one by one, you practice being impeccable with your words, and not take things personally, making no assumptions and showing up in your best self.

The time has come for individuals to set the pace by lighting people's fire that lies smoldering within and that is to make people to take up their natural talents which will set them free from the limitations set by unknown forces - forces that seem bigotted and untrustworthy. We individually have to lead people away from sinking deeper in their despair by looking in their eyes and letting them know that you see them, and that they are similarly loved.

We humans are deadly because of our intelligence. It is easy to see in movies, how a room full of people will quickly turn into the most vicious beings when something changes the peaceful environment of that place. This is true for what is happening now. The peace has been disturbed in the greatest nation on Earth. Will the greatest behave itself like it is great, or will it still think that the brute is the force to be reckoned with and continue that way? The hornet's nest is not a thing to kick, you know? The U.S of A needs little doses of niceties happening in little places everywhere for the butterfly effect to really show. When a big tree is sick, you never see it, but the little ants and the tiniest creatures take the Leadership role to cleanse the giant and make it well again. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

What are you waiting for?

When I look at Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a woman who has risen against the odds and the mindlessness that women face everyday. She is within reach to make a huge difference for her people and her country that she has willingly and passionately spent her life to serve. Hillary chooses, in the dawn's early light, to go everyday to work with men in the treacherous political field!

When I look at Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a woman who has trudged through the trenches in a Man's world and has arrived over the ramparts ready, gallantly to serve. I see a woman facing a man who has no values nor valour, one who audaciously barks at a woman; a woman who has already triumphed over the disrespect in men's red glare. His words are obnoxious sounds bursting in the air.

When I look at Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a woman who looks at her opponent shaking her head at the cliche that she ended up against this one, and where the hell are all her adversaries hiding? Does she know too much about them or did she defeat all of them, or are they saying at this point, that she is the right one to do this job? She knows all the history and the background of the web they wove: who the smoking guns are, which is the wild-goose chase and about the skeleton closets, and now she, and only she, can take this Pandora's Box and deal with it. Her opponent is himself a hornet's nest, wielding a confusing can of worms, juggling red herrings, and he is about to take the broad stripes and bright stars, through a perilous fight.

When I look at Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a woman who is battling through these days and nights just so that that flag is still there and it does yet wave intact in one piece. Her foe's haughty stance is to punch gaping holes in that flag by removing law-abiding and hardworking people who form the tapestry of her country. He wants to send them off in an exodus, away from the land of the free. Donald Trump, when you tire of innocent human beings and in one instant turn them into huddled poor masses - just because they came to the USA yearning to breathe free - and you make them the wretched refuse of your own teeming shore, sweeping them away as if they are homeless and tempest-tossed, then you shame the Braves of the Americas with the history you smear on their land here - would you understand this?

When I look at Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see the faces of women in America who are a leadership power-force today. They take control where they can and are making groundbreaking changes, overcoming obstacles and overturning crippling man-made rules. And even though there are those who are busy pussyfooting around,whining over trifles, and cowering under the minor pressures of this world, I see the faces of the women who are really drowning, living in whirlwinds that make life too difficult to even wake up to in the morning. These are the women who truly need to ask what their country can do for them. They need this trailblazer fellow American woman in the White House who will at least understand who they are in the grand scheme of things, just because a woman will know what women want and will say so, proudly, 'we' hailed at this election.

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a woman beaming to be the first Madam President of the United States of America for every girl to never half conceal, half disclose, from now onward, and that she can in full glory catch the gleam of her shinning dreams.

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I see a warrior who has seen the havoc of war, the battle's confusion, the powers of pollution and the slaves of greed. She has seen walls going up and seen these walls coming down.

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I wonder, what it is that Americans are waiting for? Because I see Americans take the freemen stand in a gloom of desolation, too blessed with victory and so lulled by the breeze of peace to know when to rescue their land and to know that day is here.

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I wonder, what is America waiting for? When I see them praise a power which they must in fact conquer to preserve them as a nation and that they must do that now.

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I wonder, what is the American woman waiting for? She can distinguish between the foul footsteps of a man and the footsteps of a woman with her power-suit sleeves rolled up, and ready to get to work, can't she? She can point to that Hillary Clinton as the trending face to follow, bearing their star-spangled banner, with that triumphant wave of their vote to show that they are free and just so brave in their home, can't she?

When I see Hillary Clinton's face nowadays, I wonder if she wonders, if her People of America in God so trust, will lean in and show up with her for America's just cause.

Tasnim Jivaji
November 1st,2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

I did not walk away, I just walked.

Last night, when we started our walk, I angrily brought up the fact that you do not do anything that I ask you to do at the time when I ask you, and that you will only do it, eventually - after several reminders, or that I, in needing that thing done, will just go and do it for myself, rather than face asking you over and over - which I have told you already several times - further fixes my belief that I am not really important to you.

So, last night, (it was a nice moonlit night) right at our doorstep, just as we were about to step out, instead of leaving all my angst on hold for a while and just go out and enjoy walking with you, I brought up the tree branch that I had asked you to prune for me almost a month ago. And of course, it ended up by me asking how come when I say something it is just not important enough to be done, yet when you ask for something, I do it immediately.

And then, thinking I had had my say, we began walking, but in a couple of steps I felt the loneliness crush down upon me as if a meteorite from the sky had dropped down and hit me, because I heard you release your breath and you started walking with the stance as if I had just bullied you. As if I was asking you to do a horrible deed, and not something that will make our life better for us.

I do not want to waste another living second being angry at you because you are perfectly and exactly what I want. For the rest of my life, I want to drop back and enjoy myself and you know this, because I have told you this over and over. Yet, here I am, knowing what I want for the rest of my life, being where I want to be and doing whatever I want to do, even to the man with whom I want to share my life with - you -, yet feeling like you do not want to be that man, or that you do not think it is important for you to be that man.

I know I get upset when things do not work out the way I want them to, and for this I know that I will go to the ends of the world to get what I want, not only for myself but also and more so for you.  Yet, you see me upset and you keep quiet, as if it is ok with you that I am, even though you know,  because I have told you this so many times, that the only sound my ears ache for when I flounder, is the sound of your voice and for that you need not go to any length of the world, you just need to say something, and not small talk, like you do, but something that will change the situation for me and become a moment that will be one of many moments that defines us, not this disconnect that is us.

Yesterday, last night, I was angry at myself for wanting you so much to be my man, or even to be just a friend. In the day, I had to ask you to fix it for me when our daughter was raging at me. I wish I did not need to ever ask you to do the simple things that makes you mine and me yours. And at night, at the tree-branch outburst, I was hurt that you did know how to be my man, nor my friend, and that your worries that I would shoot you down with my words were more prevalent than for you to simply soothe me by saying something meaningful, even if it was to say that you do not know what to say.

I told you I needed to walk alone, and I turned and walked in the opposite direction. I needed to seperate myself from you to find myself again, because I was lost badly in you, and at that time, in that moment, I had lost even the fragrance of myself, so far gone to even remember that I am more than a needy and whining type, that I am a cherished woman, and that I do not need you to sedate me with a few words from your mouth, nor should I crave for the words that you do not say. So that I do not need to tell you, my friend, that the reason was that I had had a horrible day was because my child called me names, and otherwise I had no satisfaction of being alive and being a non-contributor to our world, and that innocent tree branch need not become my outlet for whether you did or did not stand up for me, or that I felt alone and that is why I lost control over my feelings.  I can take a hundred such walks to adjust my emotions but it doesn't recreate my realities and I will only be happy when I drop my addiction to you so that I can handle my life and deal with it on my terms and on my time.

Be it as it may, that my problem was minuscule in the face of the many problems of the world, it is my problem and you are my man and you can at least hold me and make my tiny crack heal instead of breaking my heart with your stupidity at not seeing your not doing anything as a collapse of us.

I had to leave you standing on the driveway so that I could somehow trigger myself to love myself first, and not to depend on another's love. And to not be hurt that you do not see yourself as my sounding-board, therefore you do not ask me why I am upset, that it could not possibly be about that tree branch and that something else was the cause, and for you to want to know what it was and to help me through it. So I walked on my own and felt much better, and I looked up at the sparkling night sky to find the gap where the meteorite had been, but there was only magnitude and I felt the connection to the greater thing we all are part of until the reason that I turned away from you became irrelevant and that terrible silence that settled over you after that desperate sigh you emitted felt like it happened to another life-form in another time, that I know will happen again because that sigh meant that we were on that same old path again, and that no matter how many times I tell you, that I am not going that way, you seem to .... I do not know what you seem to want to do other than to run on the same rutted tracks we've made of our life.